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Parent Feedback

School Year 2019/2020

Amazing, couldn’t be happier. He loves to come and it is so nice to know how well he is doing with lots of Tapestry updates. Thank you all so much.

Our daughter loves going to Pre-School and talks enthusiastically about her experiences! The staff take great care and support her learning and development really well.

A lovely, friendly Pre-School with a great atmosphere. The heart of the child is at the centre of all learning.

Lovely, caring, friendly environment. Brings out the best side of children.

Lovely friendly setting. My daughter loves going to Pre-School.

Thank you for everything you do. My children have all loved Pre-School. We couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

My son has settled really well and enjoys his day everyday. He has lots of exciting stories to tell at the end of the day.

The fact that our daughter loves to come to Pre-School every day says more than any word we can write. Everyone at Pre-School has made her transition from home to school a breeze. Thank you so much.

We are very happy with our child’s experience at Pre-School. She loves telling us about her activities and what she has been learning.

Excellent communication through Tapestry.

Outstanding!!! The care you give to the children is fantastic-my son has settled much better than we thought.

Greenhill Pre-School is wonderful. My child is so happy with his Key Worker, the setting and the other workers. He is stimulated and encouraged every day.

We asked if we could do anything to improve communications and received two comments.

  • Reminders about Pre-School closing early or for end of term e.g. through text message.
  • Updated holiday list on website.

School Year 2018/2019

We are very happy with Pre-School, such a lovely, fun and caring setting. Penelope has settled in so well so thank you to all of the staff.

Both my children have attended Pre-School and both have flourished lots from doing so. I have seen a drastic change in my little one’s confidence in such a short space of time.

My child is really happy here, he runs in with a smile on his face.

We feel that Arthur is learning key skills that are preparing him for the start of school in September.

I am very happy for my daughter. She is learning lots of new things and more confident.

Isla & Erin both love coming here which makes it feel very confident and comforting as a parent to know they enjoy they experience, both pupils and teachers.

Sam has settled so well at Pre-School & he is always doing new and exciting things to help with his learning-building, making, exploring amongst other things. Thanks for working so hard in everything the kids do.

Amazing, couldn’t ask for more….just more boys!!

our child loves coming to Pre-School and all the activities that happen in the room. She is always talking about the teachers, saying lovely comments.

Excellent environment for Hope’s development. In the short time she has been there I have noticed a positive difference.

Our daughter loves coming to Pre-School. We can see a difference in her attention and following instructions.

Very happy with the Pre-School. Keep up the good work!

Love Pre-School setting. Happy child, happy parents.

We are very happy with George’s progress at Pre-School. He is very happy here.

Josephine loves Pre-School and is always excited to go.

School Year 2017/2018

‘George has vastly improved with his speech and interactions with other children, he always looks forward to coming to school’.

‘I’m seeing such an improvement in Isla since starting Pre-School, she shows an interest in learning and exploring and asks a lot of questions to get a better understanding of things’!

‘Our child absolutely loves coming to Pre-School and has grown in confidence so much. He’s always coming home and telling us what he has been doing so we can tell he is learning lots of new things’.

‘Absolutely brilliant job being done here. Owais loves coming here-Thanks for all the help’.

‘Pre-School is a very happy place and I can tell that our daughter is very happy here and always comes home and tells us what she has been up to’.

‘Before attending Pre-School, **** was a very shy and anxious boy. He did not like the nursery he was at. I have seen a huge change in ****’* confidence (if not too much some times haha). He adores the teachers and speaks highly of his whole experience of Pre-School’.

‘Very happy with Pre-School, settled in well’.

‘Regular stay and plays would be great and then they can show us what they have been doing’.

‘I’ve been so happy at how quickly my child has settled-it feels like a home from home for him.’

‘We have been really pleased with everything about Greenhill Pre-School. Staff are lovely and very approachable and George is making great progress here. He loves it’.

‘Raaniya is very happy in Pre-School. It is a safe, clean and friendly environment’.

‘My son’s communication skills have improved a lot after attending Pre-School’.

‘Oliver loves his time here, all activities are great for the children, lots of variety and opportunity to learn whilst having fun’.

‘I think Pre-School really helps develop the children and get them ready for school’.

‘Heidi thoroughly enjoys Pre-School and has come on leaps and bounds. She’s  very happy here and loves everyone who works here’.

‘It’s well ran, plenty of activities to do and take part in. A great outdoor area for the children to enjoy’.

‘Excellent activities to needs of our child. Extremely pleased with our child’s progress’.

‘Charlie loves coming to nursery. his confidence has grown. He has made lots of new friends’.
‘When Isla first started she was very shy with no confidence. Within a month or so she became a different child, full of confidence and always smiling and that’s thanks to Julie and Claire and the rest of the amazing team! Thank you as always for all your support, you are all fantastic!

‘Rosie loves her time at Pre-School and has come on leaps and bounds since starting last year and this is down to all your hard work, love and caring nature. Thank you for everything you do’.

‘Harry absolutely loves Pre-School. We have never had any issues with him not wanting to attend. The staff are amazing and make Harry’s Pre-School development fun and memorable-sharing on Tapestry etc. We are very, very pleased. Thank you’!

School Year 2016/2017

‘We are extremely pleased with the Pre-School. Oliver looks forward to coming and tells us all about his friends and what he’s done each day. His counting seems to have improved and he is keen to learn’.

‘Communication is amazing. Love Tapestry and seeing Harry develop new friends and interact well’

‘I would highly recommend Greenhill Pre-School. My little one absolutely loves Julie and Claire. He has settled in very easily. 10 out of 10 from us’.

‘We parents are well updated’.

‘It’s an excellent platform for kids to learn and explore. My son’s confidence has increased a lot since attending the Pre-School. Excellent staff and resources. Keep up the good work’!!’

‘Everything is great’.

‘Nayaab’s really enjoying Pre-School, she doesn’t like weekends and we are really happy with everything. Thank you for everything’.

‘We are really pleased with how George has settled at Pre-School, he is learning so much and talks to us about all he’s done and who he’s played with. He loves coming’.

‘He has settled so well and even though he doesn’t always tell us what he’s been up to I can see from Tapestry the variety of activities he does. I’ve already recommend the Pre-School to other parents’.

‘A wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff, thank you all so much for your hard work. Rosie loves you all’.

‘Jacob has such fun at Pre-School and we are very happy with his progress here’.

‘Even through staff changes, Greenhill Pre-School has remained a safe and secure environment. Our child always enjoys her time there and is encouraged by staff in learning and play. We would recommend this Pre-School to any parent considering moving their child into educated care’.

‘Pre-School is a happy place for my boy’.

‘Great, caring and friendly. Also very understanding’.

‘Great Pre-School. Marcus loves attending and he is coming on a treat’

‘Simply a great Pre-School’.

‘Great range of activities and social interaction. Good preparation for school’.

‘Our child’s social skills have improved immeasurably since starting Greenhill Pre-School’.

‘Our child has improved in social skills and better mannered and less shy’.

‘She is really happy and loves coming to the school’.

‘Fantastic place with lots of happy Pre-Schoolers. My girls love it’.

‘Very good/excellent-Emily’s language has progressed brilliantly. She has made some excellent bonds with other children/teachers’.

‘Just to be a bit more consistent, some things I had no idea about until I saw them on the door’.

‘It’s excellent, my little girl absolutely loves it and has improved socially in leaps and bounds’.

‘Love the Tapestry updates’.

‘Brilliant Pre-School. Both my boys have been happy here. Staff are all fab too’.

‘Lovely teachers. Happy environment’.

‘Communication is fantastic and we love seeing the photos/comments on Tapestry. Thank you’.

‘Greenhill Pre-School has a lovely welcoming feel and Claire and Julie are so approachable. Very happy and caring environment’.