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Parent’s Evening Feedback

‘We are extremely pleased with the Pre-School. Oliver looks forward to coming and tells us all about his friends and what he’s done each day. His counting seems to have improved and he is keen to learn’.

‘Communication is amazing. Love Tapestry and seeing Harry develop new friends and interact well’

‘I would highly recommend Greenhill Pre-School. My little one absolutely loves Julie and Claire. He has settled in very easily. 10 out of 10 from us’.

‘We parents are well updated’.

‘It’s an excellent platform for kids to learn and explore. My son’s confidence has increased a lot since attending the Pre-School. Excellent staff and resources. Keep up the good work’!!

‘Everything is great’.

‘Nayaab’s really enjoying Pre-School, she doesn’t like weekends and we are really happy with everything. Thank you for everything’.

‘We are really pleased with how George has settled at Pre-School, he is learning so much and talks to us about all he’s done and who he’s played with. He loves coming’.

‘He has settled so well and even though he doesn’t always tell us what he’s been up to I can see from Tapestry the variety of activities he does. I’ve already recommend the Pre-School to other parents’.

‘A wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff, thank you all so much for your hard work. Rosie loves you all’.

‘Jacob has such fun at Pre-School and we are very happy with his progress here’.

‘Even through staff changes, Greenhill Pre-School has remained a safe and secure environment. Our child always enjoys her time there and is encouraged by staff in learning and play. We would recommend this Pre-School to any parent considering moving their child into educated care’.

‘Pre-School is a happy place for my boy’.

‘Great, caring and friendly. Also very understanding’.

‘Great Pre-School. Marcus loves attending and he is coming on a treat’

‘Simply a great Pre-School’.

‘Great range of activities and social interaction. Good preparation for school’.

‘Our child’s social skills have improved immeasurably since starting Greenhill Pre-School’.

‘Our child has improved in social skills and better mannered and less shy’.

‘She is really happy and loves coming to the school’.

‘Fantastic place with lots of happy Pre-Schoolers. My girls love it’.

‘Very good/excellent-Emily’s language has progressed brilliantly. She has made some excellent bonds with other children/teachers’.

‘Just to be a bit more consistent, some things I had no idea about until I saw them on the door’.

‘It’s excellent, my little girl absolutely loves it and has improved socially in leaps and bounds’.

‘Love the Tapestry updates’.

‘Brilliant Pre-School. Both my boys have been happy here. Staff are all fab too’.

‘Lovely teachers. Happy environment’.

‘Communication is fantastic and we love seeing the photos/comments on Tapestry.Thank you’.

‘Greenhill Pre-School has a lovely welcoming feel and Claire and Julie are so approachable. Very happy and caring environment’.




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