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Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting to be held Thursday October 6th 2016 7:30pm at Greenhill Pre-School building.

All parents and guardians are invite to an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held in the Pre-School building on Thursday October 6th starting at 7:30pm and running for no longer than one hour.

The meeting has been called to elect new committee members following the resignation of two existing members of the committee.

Greenhill Pre-School is a committee ran registered charity and requires a committee to legally operate.  As the family of a child at Greenhill Pre-School, all parents and guardians are automatically enrolled as members in the Pre-School and can both join the committee and vote for its members.

It is critical Pre-School has an active committee and our constitution stipulates we must have at least 5 committee members – Pre-School cannot operate without its committee.

Should you be interested in joining the committee, please let the Pre-School managers know before Wednesday October 5th 2016.


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