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Autumn Curriculum Newsletter 2016

Communication & Language

This half term we will be focusing on speaking and listening to each other. The children will be learning many new nursery rhymes which they can share with you at home. We will be encouraging them to talk and listen to each other in order to learn and make friends.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our main focus is to settle the children into Pre-School routines. We will be working very hard to teach them expectations of the setting. They will be encouraged to take turns and share fairly with others to help them form good relationships with their peers and the adults in Pre-School. We will be creating our own list of Pre-School rules which we will encourage the children to take ownership of.


Understanding the World

Through topic based activities the children will be learning about themselves and each other. We will share stories and experiences of family life. We will also look at the world around us and talk about the changes happening as we move into autumn.



We will be sharing stories about school and families with the children. Lots of activities will be based around learning nursery rhymes, making props, joining in with words and actions, and making music. In our key worker groups, we will play games with the children to develop their listening skills. Later in the year we will introduce Letters and Sounds.



This term we will be learning about shape. The children will learn to use the correct shape name and describe them in simple terms. They will be using a range of construction materials to explore space and shape. The children will be learning through a range of fun and exciting practical play based activities to count and recognise numbers to 10 and beyond.


Expressive Arts and Design

We actively encourage children to be creative and use their own ideas to make their own creations. There are a wide variety of resources for children to self-select and make choices about how to combine materials to create different effects. A large part of this exploration will be messy play and encouraging the children to investigate different textures.


Physical Development

In Pre-School the children will be encouraged to explore the outdoors in all weathers. The children are able to use a variety of equipment, such as bikes, bats and balls. They will also have access to play-dough and smaller equipment, such as scissors. An important part of their development at this stage is self-care. Adults will support them on their journey to becoming more independent, by encouraging hand washing, recognising thirst and hunger, and understanding what to do when they experience these.


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