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Autumn Newsletter 2016


We would like to welcome back all parents and children both new and old. This is our first newsletter so may be a little wordy. Following parental feedback we have looked at the many ways to improve communication between parents/carers and ourselves. Of course meeting and greeting you each day is the best form of communication but we are aware that grandparents, childminders and other family members may collect your child and from time to time important information may be lost. In order to improve our communication with you please see notices on this page.

Please feel free to leave a change of clothing on your child’s peg should they have an accident during the day.


– If you arrive late with your child or need to take your child early, please could you use the main school entrance and inform the office. If you have to cross the car park please take care.

– We will be holding a parents evening later in the year and will keep you informed of dates and times in the near future.

– A new text messaging service will be in place soon to keep you up to date and inform you of any changes of events.

– We plan to post newsletters, curriculum newsletters, holiday dates and any other news on our Greenhill Pre-School website, on the notice board in the entrance, on the outside notice board and also via e-mail. This will reduce the cost of printing whilst ensuring you receive all the information you need.

– Due to these changes and improvements please could you kindly keep us up to date with any changes re e-mail and phone numbers.



– We want to share your child’s/children’s progress, achievements and celebrations with you no matter how small.

– Please feel free to take a WOW slip so we can share the children’s wonderful WOW moments whether this be swimming certificates or simply an act of kindness. Please remember that Tapestry is also wonderful for sharing your child’s learning journey.

– We are looking to introduce a small class assembly each Friday, Thursday for PM children, where one child per week will be awarded with a certificate and sticker.

– A donation of a book to celebrate your child’s birthday would be a great addition to our book corner and a reminder of your child’s time with us.



If you have any unwanted dolls clothes or small cars these would be greatly appreciated.


And Finally…

but most importantly we want your child’s time in Pre-School to be a happy time. We endeavour to provide a calming, stimulating and secure environment. Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. Many thanks.


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