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Afternoon Session Newsletter – November 2015

Thank you to all those parents who came to the last committee meeting. The next meeting is on Thursday 12th November – 8pm @ The Ainsworth Arms (The new Toby Carvery Ainsworth).

You can follow the parent committee on Facebook and copies of the committee minutes, holiday dates, events and newsletters are on our website: www.greenhillpreschool.co.uk.

Christmas cards have now been ordered and we will send them out as soon as they are delivered.

The afternoon session Christmas Party will be held on Thursday 17th December, during usual session times. Fancy dress is optional. (This is the last session of the year)

If your child is entitled to the 15 hours of funded early years education in January you will be receiving further paperwork in the next few weeks.

If you will still be paying fees but wish to increase your child’s sessions, please speak to Margaret at the Pre-school as we will need to work out staff : child ratios over the next few weeks.

All parents have now been sent an e-mail to join ORBIT just follow the link. For our under 3’s we have completed the 2 year assessments and they have been added to each child’s profile. If you have any concerns or comments please speak to you keyworker.


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