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PTA Member Appeal

Now that the children from the year 2015 leavers have moved on to big school,  we are extremely short on members for the Greenhill Pre-school Parent Teacher Association.

We need a minimum of 13 members to keep the Pre-school open and currently have only 2 active members. IF WE DO NOT GET MORE MEMBERS THE PRE-SCHOOL WILL BE FORCED TO CLOSE.  At the start of the new school year the Pre-school will be given two weeks, and if we cannot make up our members then it will be forced to close.

Without an active PTA we are unable to plan events, special days or activities for the children. We require the PTA to give us important input about the activities and learning lessons we put in place and are therefore unable to provide the best service for your children without this input. We cannot survive without your support.

We do not require a huge amount from our PTA members, we meet once or twice a term to plan events and discuss activities and require their ideas and thoughts to move forward. For planning activities such as the school fetes and sports day, we may ask if you have time to help on stalls or to help set up equipment. Mainly we just require your support and ideas.

If you feel you have the time to support your childs Pre-school, even if you are unable to attend the evening meetings, then please let Margaret or one of the other members of staff know as soon as possible in the new school year.

We hope to hear from you and thank you in advance for your much needed support.


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