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Morning Session Information

– On Monday 1st June, we will be having a visit from the Early Years Dental Nurse who will be talking about caring for our teeth. She will not carry out individual checks only talk to the children.

-From the first week back after half term we will be starting our transition to school events.

* Children will be going out at playtime to mix with the school children.

* get used to using the playground when it’s busy.

* line up when the whistle blows.

* We will visit Reception class each Tuesday morning to play indoors and out. On Tuesday 9th June Mrs Burns has booked the school hall so that we can have a joint dance/exercise session with her children.

*Week of 22nd JuneĀ EACH MORNING that week we will be practicing getting changed for P.E. (a change from our usual once per week – several parents forgot each time last year resulting in upset children so we are trying this idea) – bags can stay at pre-school for the week.

All children need to bring a bag with a t shirt, shorts and trainers or pumps – even if your child can get dressed themselves it is very different when there are 19 others doing it at the same time.

Feedback from school each year for all these activities has been positive.


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